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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Venetian Kitty

My person's friend Flygirl set up a beautiful picture of a kitty from Venice. Flygirl said that she saw lots of pretty kitties in Venice, and that kitties don't have to worry about being run over by cars because there are no cars there. Look at how this kitty posed for a picture. This kitty seems to know how to look charmingly into the camera. Do you think this Venetian Kitty could be B.C.'s relative? It is possible because they are both lovely black cats.

Look at BC, isn't she pretty?

Here is my friend BC. I think her name is derived from the fancy words Black Cat. She is a good kitty who lives in the Atlanta area. She has good people in her life, and they cater her food and drink everyday. She has a lovely garden and hillside to roam around, a nice big deck to lounge around, and her own special place she likes to sleep. You can leave her a message and let her know that she is cute.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The lap of luxury

Ah, wouldn't it be nice to kick back, relax, and be waited on paw and tail? It would be so nice to sip on filtered water all day long, nap whenever I want to, and have cooks cater to my every taste. I would love it if people would scratch my back whenever I wanted. It would be so nice to not have to clean up after myself, and have someone else do it for me. Oh wait a minute... I do have that life. Where are my people, I need to have my back scratched.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Keep Them Guessing

I have been scratching on my scratchy post and I expect treats! I don't scratch the scratcy post for nothing. I like the squishy treats that have salmon in them. Wait, no I don't. I changed my mind. I hate squishy treats. I want my people to go to the store to get more treats! I now like the tartar control treats that have NO tuna or salmon in them. I like chicken indoor cat tartar control treats. Ha! No I don't! I hate crunchy treats!
It was so fun for the past few days to have my people wrapped around my paw. I got my revenge. The woman left me all week, but before she left, she told me to be a good kitty. I will show you a good kitty. The man, he left me all last night, saying something about being a good kitty and having a football game to attend. I was such a lonely kitty. Well, I showed them to leave me alone. I demanded treats, and the man looked at me at 11 pm and went to get more treats. HA! I laughed as he locked himself out of the house. He spent lot so fo money with someone else to come open the door for him. hee hee. And he dared try to bring me crunch treats made of tuna. I said No More Tuna Treats! Get it right! Today, the woman came home and brought more chicken crunchy treats. I will show them. I will have a stand off. No more Chicken Treats! Maybe I will start scatching the furniture until they buy every last treat for me to try.