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Friday, December 01, 2006

Hope and Tomatoes WCB #78

Hope Kitty is my next door neighbor. She is pictured here smelling the last tomatoes off the vine. She has a luxurious coat, and her mom puts on a collar on Hope to match the season. The one thing that I am learning to get use to about Hope is that when Hope's mom gets home and opens the door, Hope likes to run out. Hope always runs over to my front window and jumps on it to see me. It startles me sometimes when I am not expecting her to run up to my window, and I have to meow and turn around and walk away. Then, after a few seconds I walk back to the window and see Hope getting picked up by her mom, and Hope's mom always says nice things to me through the window. Hope's mom calls me Miss Kitty.

Check out our friend at Hidden Paw for the Weekend Cat Blogging Roundup! *kiss-kiss* and *meow-meow* to her and her kitties!

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At 12/3/06, 7:09 AM, Blogger D said...

Kitikata-san, you are very welcome. Boots and Tess love it when all the kitties are over. I hope you are enjoying with your new friend Hope Kitty.


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