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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #77

The black kitty is Max. He was pacing around the Thanksgiving buffet table all night long. I think Max was hoping for a few pieces of turkey to fall on the floor. I am afraid that the 3 dogs that share the home with Max beat him out on the turkey that may have hit the floor.

This black and white kitty is Felix. He used to be an outdoor kitty, sleeping in a little pile of leaves. His people felt sorry for him and here he is! He was a good boy, he did not beg for food at the dinner table. Rather, he was spending a long time lazing around his beautiful bed, made of fine linens and pillows. This Thanksgiving, as Felix relaxed on a very nice bed, I bet you he was thankful for not having to sleep outside in a pile of leaves.

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