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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Cat

Thanksgiving Cat

There is a big window between me and this kitty, otherwise I could not take a photo of this cutiepie. We went out to our friends farm for Thanksgiving. Our friend takes care of big piggys, some really nice farm dogs who look after the piggys, and a lot of stray cats. Most of the stray cats here are black like the one in the photo. There is one that looks like a black and white cow, and she calls that one cow-cat. I think our friend has captured most of the barn cats and taken them to the V-E-T to be snip-snipped. After snip-snip, they don't let her touch them anymore. But that is ok, they come around for their meals, and a nice place to sleep on the porch or her barn.


At 11/29/09, 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That one looks like a mighty handsome midnight man cat. Word must get around about the farm where cats are welcome to mouse-hunt in the barn. Not a bad life for a cat...

At 11/30/09, 5:28 PM, Blogger Ellen Whyte said...

Good looking cat, that. And a nice lady to organise the snip-snip.

At 11/8/12, 8:10 AM, Blogger Pbourque said...

Very handsome! She should try tuna with one or two. It's guaranteed to draw them close enough for her to sneak in a petting, which can remind the cats that petting is a WONDERFUL thing!

Very nice place to go for holidays!


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