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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Must eat less

The doctor said I must eat less. I should not have any snacks. I should not eat any extra wet food. I am supposed to have just a little dry cat food in the morning and again in the evening. The doctor said I should be 2 lbs less. But I looks so good? I don't need to lose 2 lbs do i?
Check out the incredible Patchouli hosting WCB and making a beautiful pose in front of a window.


At 11/6/10, 2:10 PM, Blogger Esme said...

You do not need like you need to lose weight-the vet said the same thing about my sister. She is asthmatic and the meds have turned her into a little oinker-she licks the plates clean. Sorry about the diet.

Your coloring is gorgeous.

At 11/6/10, 4:53 PM, Blogger Melynda@Scratch Made Food! said...

No and I will do some begging for you! Those begged for treats just taste better!

At 11/6/10, 7:01 PM, Blogger Judi said...

You can do it! Vincent needs to cut back too.

At 11/7/10, 10:32 AM, Blogger catsynth said...

Sorry about the diet. Maybe there are ways to still enjoy treats and lose weight?

We're wondering which is better, begged-for treats, or the treats that just magically show up? :)

At 11/7/10, 1:07 PM, Blogger pam said...

Smudge is hoping he never hears those words from the vet.

At 11/7/10, 5:01 PM, Blogger Ellen Whyte said...

Vets like to say this but I don't agree. Eating crunchies only, esp for boys, increases the chance of crystals forming in the bladder. Better to eat wet food than dry - and to exercise more! get a toy, Kitikata-san and run off those lovely love handles.

At 11/21/10, 10:43 PM, Anonymous Kylie said...

Eating less is a big no to my bunnies. Bunnies are naturally born chewer and they just love to eat especially when they are in the rabbit hutch. That is why they have a big body I suppose. Anyway, I tell you this... big is cute.

At 1/28/11, 4:36 PM, Anonymous Roni said...

You are cutter with the belly friend cat... My rabbits always have the appetite to eat maybe like you and their plate which I put in their rabbit hutches are always empty and I like it when they are full. They are more behave as in no chewing with our furniture and cuter to pet.


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