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Monday, October 16, 2006

Dog in Pink Shoes?

I am a natural kind of cat. The most primping I get is a good brush mostly every day, or else I would get a lot more fur all over my people and their blankets. I do sharping my nails, but that is about it.

Now check out this dog. This dog has very pretty fur, and I bet she gets bathed regularly. I am not big on bath, so I cannot imagine being bathed. Her fur was also neatly trimmed, and all her hair on top of her head were clipped back with jeweled clips.

What does this dog say to other dogs when she comes upon them?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Boy

This is Cinema kitty. He lives in New York. He usually looks like a very big kitty with all his long beautiful grey fur. Cinema likes to wake up early in the morning, go walk on his people's faces until they cater his morning meal. He is a very considerate kitty when it comes to eating his breakfast. In his New York penthouse apartment, the kitchen is very small, so he scoots way under the counter to eat his breakfast, to leave plenty of room for his people to make their breakfast. Cinema loves to play, run, and roll around on the carpet to make dreadlocks. For some strange reason, his people say that don't like a kitty with dreadlocks, so every summer they shave him like this. Oh just look at him after he gets his hair cut; he is very skinny. It is now almost winter in New York, and his brand new lushous fur has grown back, and Cinema looks like the big regal kitty that he is. Meow!