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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tennessee Kittens Are Here - WCB 98

Tis the season for kittens in the fine state of Tennessee. There are at least 4 new kittens (look closely cuz there is one who is the same color as mama) now.

photo taken by NicoleSauce

Let me tell you how lucky mama and kittens are. NicoleSauce got a 2nd house, and there she saw a lovely fat blond kitty walking up to her. Blondy was purring, and looking like she needed some pets and love. NicoleSauce walked to all the neighbors asking who owns such a plump and pretty kitty? The neighbors said no to Blondy, so NicoleSauce ended up taking Blondy back to her 1st house for a little food and water, and a nice bed made of binkies and towels. I think Blondy was happy! The next morning, there was Blondy and 4 cute kittens of all different colorings! There is a baby blondy, a baby ginger, a baby grey, and a baby patch-work black and orange! I really like the ginger kitten because the ginger kitten is going to grow up and look like me! Mama kitty is FeLeuk and FeAids NEGATIVE, and is healthier than an Ox, and the babies have grown by leaps and bounds in just one week, showing how healthy they are too!

In about 8 weeks, is there anyone in Middle Tennesse who wants a kitten? Go to NicoleSauce's website and let her know! MEOW!

Checkout Weekend Cat Blogging at Pets Garden Blog with 3 lovely tiger kitties hosting this week!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just Hanging Around WCB97

One of my humans went to an art open at a lovely gallery called Hanging Around. Guess who my human saw? That is right, a sleek black kitty who runs the the place. He was just sitting in the middle of the action,, and he was just Hanging Around. He was not too annoyed with all the people packed into the place until he had to make his way through the crowd to his house for a nap.

Here is the kitty's house. It is quite large, and luxurious if you ask me. It was often mistaken for an art piece that night, and people wanted to buy his house. I am sure he would not want his house sold out from under him.

To see a lovely sleek black kitty like this one, check out Puddy at Puddy has gratiously decided to host WCB for the 1st time! Meow!

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