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Friday, July 25, 2008

Cats Weep this Week WCB

Our dear friends at Astrid's food blog and the Cat Boys Kashim and Othello are hosting Weekend Cat Blog. To participate in remembering Sher, her Weekend Cat Blogs and her great talent at cooking, visit Astrid and the Cat Boys and tell your story. The Cat Boys said to go to Sher's website and pick out one of my favorite recipes and blog about it. I think this might be a nice way to celebrate the memory of Sher, the dear blog friend. Sher was a fantastic food blogger and Weekend Cat Blogger. Sher slipped away from this Earth on Monday, and I will miss her.

I was shocked to read about Sher's passing. I was saddened by the passing of Upsie, the fabulous cat, and I am saddened by the passing of Sher, Upsie's dedicated human. I may have only know Sher through her blog, but every time I check into her blog, it was like getting a nice neck and ear scratch that would cause me to purr.

photo from Sher and Laura

So to help celebrate the memory of Sher, I am supposed to say what recipe I like best. Well, it would have to be a recent one that Laura kitty cat enjoyed too. It would have to be SARDINES! Yes indeed. I really do like tastes of SARDINES!

photo from Sher and Laura

Look at how lushous these Sardines that Sher made are! All the cats, Sher, and even the birds enjoyed the sardines. When I saw those Sardines, I just wanted a nibble for myself!

I am purring in your direction dear Sher. Please know you touched so many bloggers in such a lovely way. I will miss you and your blog so much Sher. I am grateful for the time on we shared on this Earth and internet blog. I am sad, and my human is sad too with wet eyes.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cat Fish Pond

Look at this kitty that lives in my neighborhood. This kitty has such a lovely rust colored body, pretty whiskers and a nice way about her. I wonder if there is any fish for this kitty in the pond.