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Friday, August 29, 2008

What is it? Let me smell it. WCB 169

Oh boy, it is a present! What is it? Let me smell it and then I can tell you what it is! Oh heck, it is just a chocolate made with strawberry gel inside. I should have know. It is a birthday present for the human, and not for me. Oh well, move aside, I need a nap after all this detective work.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet Delbert

This is Delbert, he is a new neighbor of mine. He came to live with my neighbors one day a few weeks ago. He was whimpering, all scrapped up, had a broken leg, and was all skin and bones. It looked like some mean terrible person tossed Delbert from a car on a busy street near my house. I know what it is like to be left on the mean streets alone, and it is scary and no fun. My neighbors picked up this poor little puppy and took him to the vet. He is such a good boy at the vet, and he never fussed. The vet patched him up, put a cast on his leg and told him to be a good boy and eat lots of food because he was so skinny. Delbert gets to eat all the puppy chow he wants. Look at his picture now! He is filling in quite nicely and his scrapes and bruises are all gone now. His favorite thing to do is to nuzzle up and sleep with the other 2 dogs at his house. His second favorite thing is to have attention and pets from his new humans. His surrogate dog mom loves Delbert and is having fun teaching him to play and to be a good dog. Delbert has been so good about going wee-wee outside. He knows how to go to the back door to tell the humans he wants to go outside. Everyone who meets Delbert has fallen in love with him. My humans always want to go see him and pet him. If you lived here, you too would really like Delbert too because he is a cute and lovable little puppy dog.