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Friday, September 26, 2008

All became friends WCB

What a funny sight they had the other day during the rains that came after Gustav passed nearby. The make-shift petting zoo at a little festival had a little bit of hay on the ground with a small little tent above to offer shade during the day, and a little shelter during rain. Well, these animals did not want to be caught in the rain. There was a little white birdy sitting on the goat's back, and the chicken was sitting on the donkey's back. They were all huddled together under the little tent area to stay dry. I think that they found friendship under joint adverse conditions.

And visit my favorite cat boys and cat girl at at Kamism & Othello and now Salome for some Bad Kitty Cats of Chaos! Salome is hosting because she really likes kitty chaos!

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At 9/21/08, 10:43 AM, Blogger catsynth said...

We are really sorry, that was a gross error while we were compiling the list of photos and links. Please forgive us. We did not mean to leave you out of the round-up, and have added you.

Your chastened friends at CatSynth

At 9/21/08, 8:10 PM, Blogger Mickey's Musings said...

I guess bad weather makes all animals share.In sharing, all animals realize that they can be friends!!! That is a really great picture!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

At 9/22/08, 2:09 AM, Blogger Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Wow..they are all huddled together. I wonder if they will share with cats too.

Great picture!

At 9/24/08, 5:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such an adorable photo :)

At 9/30/08, 3:41 PM, Blogger Lux said...

That is so sweet the way they all huddled together. :)

At 9/30/08, 6:23 PM, Blogger Forty Paws said...

Bless their little hearts.

Luf, Us

At 9/30/08, 6:58 PM, Blogger Mickey's Musings said...

Thanks for stopping by :) Nice to see you again!!
Purrs Mickey

At 10/5/08, 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo, it reminded me of Xmas, and me a 'bah humbug' person too.
So well done, it's not often I think of Xmas without getting stressed.

At 10/11/08, 11:13 AM, Blogger Astrid (…and the kitties too) said...

Dear friend Kititkata-San.
thanks for stopping by WCB this weekend. It is a shame that your humans dd not help you to get a pic and a post up this weekend - we miss your divine pikshurs!
sandpaper kissies

and kitty hugs from the boys!!

At 10/25/08, 2:32 PM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a great scene!




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