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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What it was like for Puddy

My friend Puddy lives in Australia where there was a huge dust storm. The news of the dust storm made the news all around the world! I hope everyone there can breath well and are safe! Here is a video of what a dust storm can be like. Just unbelieveable huh!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Face :)

This is my face. Meow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zoikes! Look at was at my window!

Aja's head shot

My human said something about the gym, then groceries, and then she was coming back to see me! I waited at the front window for my human to come home, so I go walk over to the front window by the door. Just then, what did I see... Yup! A big face staring right back at me. I was so mad to see the big black and tan dog. I hissed and showed my teeth and a batted at the window. The big black and tan dog just looked at me with some surprised look, I mean, sheesh, that dog should not be surprised because she was on my territory, and I am going to defend it. Well, then a second later, another face showed up in my window, and it was "visiting food lady". What was she doing out there with the black and tan dog? I could kind of make out what she was saying. Visiting food lady said something like, "It is ok kitty, we were just walking by to say hi!" I like the visiting food lady, but I am not sure about the company she keeps. So, I took it upon myself to hiss more, and bat against the window to tell the visiting food lady to move it along, and take that black and tan thing with her. At least visiting food lady understood me, she said goodbye and lead that black and tan dog off with a string. I sure told them! Later, my human came home and I made sure I told my human about how I defended my territory. Yup, my human always says to me on the way out, "Kitty, be good and gaurd the house." I did exactly that.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Lucky Kitty

this is Hope, my neighbor

This is what I saw the other day. This is Hope, my neighbor. We stare at each other through our windows. I am not happy to see her most of the time. Good thing there are windows between us. The other day I looked out, and there was Hope, and her human give her a bowl of kitty milk for Hope to enjoy while staring at me through her window. Lucky Kitty. I want kitty milk, but my humans only give me kibble. And sometimes, when Hope's humans open the door, she runs really fast around them and makes a bee-line straight to my window to look at me more. I hiss, and swat at the window when Hope does that. I do not like it when Hope runs up and stares at me! I just do not like it at all! What is so interesting about me that she has to keep looking at me?

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