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Saturday, October 01, 2011

This is Getting Old

photo of me - I am mad

OK, this all is getting old. I has been almost 2 months with this dang blue collar on. It is hard for me to sleep, it is hard for me to eat, it is hard for me to drink, it is just plain hard for me. I have also been to the V-E-T three times in 2 months. The poking, the prodding, the shots up in the butt are all no fun. Notice my MAD look in my photo at the vet.

OK, here is the deal. My tail itches and I want to scratch it, I want to chew it, and I want it to feel better. All these humans don't seem to want me to scratch or chew my tail for some reason. It isn't their tail!!! I keep telling them how MAD I am that they are interfering with my tail. Boo hiss on them.