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Saturday, February 24, 2007

WCB #90 part 2, Rescued Kitty

My human has not been faithful to me, I can smell another cat, GASP, it is a boy cat! Oh what am I to do? What? What is that? Allow my humans to type. OH, well, fine, I am out of here.

Kitikata-san's human here:
A cat is going to need a home and a lap of luxury. Can you help me find a great home in Nashville?

This little black kitty (LBK) was found in the middle of a very busy intersection of Wedgewood and 12 Ave. South in Nashville during rush hour. He had been hit by a car, or tossed out of a car. I stopped and a woman stopped to help LBK, and we took LBK to the vet. LBK is in a fantastic foster care situation now, so LBK can heal up, and get the remaining course of antibiotics. Amazingly, the vet said that LBK has no broken bones, only some trauma to his face.

LBK is a neutered male, 2-3 years old, 9 lbs, loves to sit on laps to be petted, and seems to be ok around big dogs, and another cat. LBK is short hair black cat with white tuffs on his stomach and his chest. He titer tested negative to FeLeuk and FeAIDS, he is not sneezing or coughing (so no cat herpes), and the vet fully vaccinated LBK.

LBK looking like Rocky Balboa after a fight, but LBK lost that fight with a car

LBK finally able to open that eye that got hit

LBK in the bed at the foster mom's house

LBK on the chair at the foster mom's house

When LBK saw me visiting the foster mom, he ran over to me, and when I sat down on the floor, he immediately hopped on my lap for a snuggle, some purring, and some pets.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

What Breed Are You? WCB #90

This week, my crazy cat friend sent me this photo of these cats. What kind of breed are they? What do you think of their stripes? Are they just adorable or what? I wonder if I can move my stripes to be like theirs.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Here I am, a better pose WCB# 89

Here I am! I think I look skinner in this picture than last week. I think just have a lot of tummy fur right? Yeah, I am furry. My humans say I am furry. Here is a secret about me...
I like to roll over and have my humans scratch my tummy! It is great, and I love it!

It looks like Weekend Cat Blogging is ad hoc at Kitchenmage (aka Kittenmage ;-)) because WCB is floating out there on the internet. At Kittenmage, there seems to be a few lazy slinky like kitties this week.

Visit Katz Tales in celebration of Chinese New Year, and find out why there is no Year of the Cat.

Happy Chinese New Year, it is going to be the Year of the Boar tomorrow, the 12th of 12 Chinese Zodiacs. Maybe there will be some extra treats for me for Chinese New Years!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Does this pose make me look fat? WCB #88

Does this pose make me look fat? Oh Fat Eric, do you have competition now? Seriously people, I have a lot of fur that is fluffy, and it makes me look bigger than I really am.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Black Kitty in my Yard WCB#87

I don't get out much. I actually don't get out at all. I do sit next to the big back window and I see outdoor black kitty often. She had opted for a hard life. You see, she was captured once by a neighbor and taken to the vet for "the operation". The neighbor tried to keep black kitty in, feed her, give her filtered water, pet her, love her, but one day, a few years ago, black kitty got by the neighbors leg and out the door to live outside. Now black kitty lives in the 'hood, and takes refuge on the nice blanket and chair set up just for her in another neighbor's garage. Black kitty just won't come in, no matter what stinky squishy food all the neighbors and my humans put out for her.
Here is black kitty sitting on my deck railing. She likes to look in at me from a distance.

Here's black kitty after she jumps down from my railing. She sits on the top step to look in at me. She is scared to come to close to the door cuz she knows all the neigbhors and my human want her to come in.Here is black kitty getting ready to walk down the stairs to go visit other kitties in the windows. My humans like black kitty. I must admit I am a bit territorial and I make a big fuss every time black kitty comes up on my deck. Meow!

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