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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bloggers of the World WCB

Tasha, from Gypsy and Tasha has given to me the FABULOUS Blogger of the World Award! It is just really a neat-o award! I am so honored. Colin at Life originated the award, and he would like all Blogger of the World Award winners to link back to him as the origin of the award. So Colin, here is your link back to where the award all started.

What I really am excited about is to show you a photo of me, and a photo of Tasha, who gave me the award! I am a big fluffy ginger girl kitty in the photo above. In the sun, I look more caramel, and at night I look more orange. I have lots of pretty white and orange rings on my tail, and I like to nap a lot. In the photo above, I was just about to fall asleep when my human took the photo.

Now look at Tasha, I can barely keep my sparkling yellow eyes off her 'cuz she looks a lot like me! Look at her pretty fur, and pretty stripes! If you look at this photo of Tasha, you can see her tail has white in it too, just like mine. She has such pretty rings on her tail. Can you believe how cute and pretty she is? She is the first ginger girl kitty I have ever seen, and who looks a lot like me. I mean, there are plenty of orange boy kitties, who are handsome in their own right, but just look at Tasha, she is just uniquely spectacular! I would know 'cuz I am a ginger girl too. Thank you Tasha for the award.

I would like to give this fabulous dabulous award to....
1. Katz Tales because there are 2 really cute kitties, Target and Au (and Scoop who I will always remember). Notice how pretty the kitties' fur are. Nice huh!
2. Puddy at Byootaful Life because I just think Puddy is a comical kitty with a very awesome human.
3. The Spice Kitties, who are the nicest kitties when visitor kitties come to stay.

For more WCB, visit Puddy and her teeth, tongue and meow. This is a rarity because Puddy is fairly content and doesn't need to say much to her human. Meow!