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Friday, September 26, 2008

All became friends WCB

What a funny sight they had the other day during the rains that came after Gustav passed nearby. The make-shift petting zoo at a little festival had a little bit of hay on the ground with a small little tent above to offer shade during the day, and a little shelter during rain. Well, these animals did not want to be caught in the rain. There was a little white birdy sitting on the goat's back, and the chicken was sitting on the donkey's back. They were all huddled together under the little tent area to stay dry. I think that they found friendship under joint adverse conditions.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Cats to My Home WCB

One of my humans came back from a trip and brought me these 3 kitties! Aren't they cute. The kitties are from Goebel, and designed by artist Rosina Wachtmeister. My human brought home the middle kitty because this kitty looks like me. I like these kitties, but admittedly, I would have liked some tasty treat more. My humans seem to think these Rosina Goebel's are really cute, and my humans display these kitties up on the mantle.

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