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Saturday, May 26, 2007

WCB #103 Bruno Update

Do you recall when that little black kitty stole my humans for week? It was terrible for me. All my human did was come home, pet me, feed me, give me fresh water, and leave to roll in the scent of the little black kitty. It was a good week when that little black kitty got a home and a real name, Bruno. I am pleased my humans are not coming home covered in another's scent anymore. I am pleased to announce that Bruno and his sister Skeeter happily share the dinner table together. My humans are all mine again! Mine, all Mine!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Lucky #7 Tag - WCB 101

my headshot, is this my good side?

I got tagged, I got tagged! Sammawow, aka Samather the Panther, had her people tag me to blog about 7 random things about me. How exciting, what 7 things should I blog about? Oh, I know, here I go:
1. I am kind of really scared of bad rainstorms.
2. I sometimes trick my people into thinking they did't feed me, and con them into another meal.
3. I am a really picky eater. I have sent food back without tasting it.
4. I like sleeping on my humans' stomachs when they are sleeping.
5. I like sticking my head in my humans' water glasses.
6. I am a little pissy when other cats come onto my deck.
7. These humans took me in one cold December day. I finally let a human pick me up after being seen for 2 weeks in freezing tempertures by their friend. That friend took me to that darn V-E-T and he said that I was a mere 5 lbs, and nearly frozen to death. One more day in the cold, and I could have been a goner. I now have climate control, lots of windows, and lots of food and water.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Ribbon Toy - WCB #100

This is me sleeping with my ribbon toy. I like to chase it, I like to pounce on it, and I like to sleep next to it. I sleep next to my ribbon toy everyday. I love my ribbon toy.

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